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5 most important elements in a jewelry store

Whether you’re renovating your retail jewelry store or setting up new ones, the five strategies below will help you to get a more significant impact on visual advertising and bring more money in your wallets.

  • Create a visual focal point

The jewelry Suppliers should know where the viewers’ eyes focus on your display case. Are they confused about where to look at? Create a hot spot or focal point so that it should be at the normal eye level of the prospective customers. Look into your display from the customers’ point of view with the objects around. Always check whether customers can easily see the hot spot.

  • Mind the color

Color is a deciding factor if your display will make or break your marketing target. Well-coordinated colors make your way to business smoother. The jewelry Suppliers should consider using attention-grabbing, contrasting colors like monochromatic, black and white, or any bright shade. The jewelry store manager must know very well that where the eyes go feet also follow them. So, the color of their display case décor of jewelry must be attractive enough to draw customers’ attention instantly.


  • Tell customers a clear story

The jewelry Suppliers should tell the story of the objects to the customers with powerful sales provocation signage to highlight the advantage of buying the products and how they influence the lives of users. Never write an essay, but display the powerful points of jewelry with bullets together with cost proposition. Furthermore, never make your display wordy to confuse the customers’ reasoning power. Instead, use an image to speak more about the products.

  • Expose maximum merchandise to customers

Well-designed, impactful merchandise exposed will be pleasant to the customers. Avoid a casual mess! The more the customers glimpse the products, the more they wish to buy them. Consider using a circular jewelry store design, which a lot of retailers use. It exposes the buyers the stocks of additional products than those walkway displays in the stores.

  • Use empty space wisely

There’s an underutilized space in almost all retail stores. It is the space between the merchandise display case and ceiling. If space here is empty, it needs to be used properly.


For the jewelry Suppliers, visual marketing is resourceful. When designing the display case, retailers can decide from hundreds of ideas for the biggest turn of your buck. Make your jewelry store as impressive as possible with the aforesaid tips.